Link Roundup #6

I’ve been hoarding links, too tired, busy, or distracted to sift through them over the past couple of weeks. I finally forced myself to sit down and go through a few of them, and here is the result. I hope this makes up for the lack of recent posts!

Aparna Nancherla’s Performance on Conan — I’ve been following her on twitter since she joined the writers of W. Kamau Bell’s Totally Biased. Her sense of humor is dry but refreshing, subtle and hilarious. This set is quality. An interesting side note: this performance makes her the first Indian woman to perform a stand up set on late-night television. Also, this aired on Columbus Day. And to bring things full circle, Hari Kondabolu, another writer on Totally Biased, brings us this reminder:

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Link Roundup #5

Sen. Warren on Republicans’ Shutdown Threats — While the shutdown is now a reality, Elizabeth Warren lays down exactly how ridiculous the move is by Republicans.

Thoroughly Modern Mindy Kaling — a solid interview with one of my favorite comedians.

“I always get asked, ‘Where do you get your confidence?’ I think people are well meaning, but it’s pretty insulting.  Because what it means to me is, ‘You, Mindy Kaling, have all the trappings of a very marginalized person.  You’re not skinny, you’re not white, you’re a woman.  Why on earth would you feel like you’re worth anything?’”

The ‘Parks & Recreation’ Characters Sure Do Spend a Fuckton on Clothes — When I worked for the government I sure as hell could not have afforded this wardrobe. Unless the outfits profiled were the only things I owned and I never went out for lunch.

Why Do I Poop More When I Have My Period? — So, there’s actually a biological/hormonal correlation! Who knew? I was too embarrassed to ask.

Aaron Becker’s inspiring sketchbook via Design*Sponge

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Link Roundup #4

America’s “Reality” is White and Male — Julia Carrie Wong for Salon draws parallels with how the bodies of women of color, across race, class, and age, are judged differently from their white and/or male counterparts and the oppressive, harmful consequences of this.

Better Homes & Bloggers — Holly Hilgenberg for Bitch Magazine takes on the topic of lifestyle bloggers and the impact of their often surface-level content on contemporary gender roles.

Five Knives Every Home Chef Should Own — I only have a chef’s knife and a sort-of paring knife that folds in half, which is not the most convenient. I’m itching for the rest of these… except maybe the meat cleaver. I’m not sure I spend much time (if any) butchering my meat at home.

This Lip Sync Battle with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Stephen Merchant, and Jimmy Fallon on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is so, so good.

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Link Roundup #3

Captain America in a Turban by Vishavjit Singh — “‘It takes a lot of courage to do this,’ a few people said during the day. I have never seen myself as courageous.” Vishavjit Singh dons a Captain America costume, walks around New York, and talks about his experience.

Give Up on Giving Up by Danielle Henderson — One from the archives, Danielle Henderson talks about combating the self-saboteur.

7 Ways to be Insufferable on Facebook from Wait But Why — this is exactly what it sounds like.

Humans of New York: Tehran Driver — Brandon, the photographer behind HONY traveled to Iran. This is a short profile of one person he met during his trip.

What If You Stopped Going Outside? — ASAP Science discusses how sun exposure impacts our live.

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Link Roundup #2

Why Diamonds are a Sham by Rohin Dhar — how did diamonds come to represent love, and why are they so expensive? Insight into one aspect of contemporary culture that is so heavily shaped by advertising and capitalism.

How Not to Be Alone by Jonathan Safran Foer — opinion piece about living in the digital age.

Your Summer Intern is Here. Now What? by Jodi Glickman — some tips to make sure your intern has a great experience and that you get your best work from her.

How I Work: Felicia Day — This is from the archives, but I read this a while back and loved it.

Why Some of the World’s Most Productive People Have Empty Schedules by Drake Baer — What does it take to be creative? How do we misuse our time, or how are we pressured to use our time vs. how can we use to best pursue creativity and productivity? This piece also links to another post by Kevin Ashton, in which this quote by Charles Dickens appears:

“‘It is only half an hour’ — ‘It is only an afternoon’ — ‘It is only an evening,’ people say to me over and over again; but they don’t know that it is impossible to command one’s self sometimes to any stipulated and set disposal of five minutes — or that the mere consciousness of an engagement will sometime worry a whole day … Who ever is devoted to an art must be content to deliver himself wholly up to it, and to find his recompense in it. I am grieved if you suspect me of not wanting to see you, but I can’t help it; I must go in my way whether or no.”

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Link Roundup #1

A weekly culmination of interesting reads around the internet:

My Racist Encounter at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner by Seema Jilani — Beautifully written and devastating piece.

Most Lives are Lived by Default via Raptitude — Some thoughts on living, existence, and taking charge and making changes to find what you love.

Hyperbole and a Half: Adventures in Depression (Part I and Part II) — Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half is back after a long hiatus, with part II of her personal struggle with depression. After reading this, I realized how personally invested I felt in her welfare. I can’t even describe how much Hyperbole and a Half has impacted my life with its sheer brilliance. It’s good to see her back, albeit with a much less light-hearted post. But damn, is she stellar as always.

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