Buying a Home in New York

Buying a Home in New York | The Amateur Everything

Or, how to succeed at getting your first coop apartment, despite being a total amateur.

This is a series about how to buy an apartment in NYC, specifically a coop in Queens. It should be somewhat self-evident that this is all based off of one person’s experience (me, The Amateur Everything) and I am in no way an expert on the topic. However, the whole process is daunting and massive and particular, and during my journey to home ownership I found very little information that was relevant to my main question: how the hell do I go about buying into a cooperative apartment in Queens, NY??? My hope is that this series might help one person in the future feel a little more confident throughout this exciting process. Here are some tidbits and stories to help you along:

Part I: Buying a Home in New York: Where Do I Start?

Part II: Pre-Approval

Part III: Open Houses

Part IV: The People in Your Corner

Part V: Crunching Numbers Before an Offer

Part VI: Making an Offer

Part VII: In Contract (coming soon!)

Part VIII: Mortgages & Lenders (coming soon!)

Part IX: Coop Board Application and Interview (coming soon!)

Part X: Closing (coming soon!)


Note: This page will be updated with links and titles as posts are published.

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