Stop the Glorification of Busy

Stop the Glorification of Busy linocut art print | The Smudgery | The Amateur Everything

Find my newest linocut print up at The Smudgery! At this point, it’s more of a reminder to myself of the long game. If you’ve been reading my posts recently, you know that I have been feeling overloaded and always in need of more time. But I don’t plan for this to be the norm. This is just a part of the journey and as Blue Scholars say, “that’s why we call it a struggle — you’re supposed to sweat.”

But back to the print. It took me two years and two apartments, from carving to printing to cleaning it up to re-printing. And then finally I had a day off when I could take product photos in the daylight. A crisis over my paycheck and tuition led me to list it in my shop in a fit of desperation. But despite the seemingly-fraught and rushed actions, it had been a slow-crafting process all along and I couldn’t be happier. Sometimes we just need that extra jump to finish the job.

So here it is, a loving reminder to make space in your plans for the small things, the simple pleasures, and to just take your damn time. Don’t rush it, don’t pack it all in… or at least don’t think that that’s how it has to be. Give yourself permission to say no to things and to say yes to the smallest voice in your heart. Above all, be honest with those you love and to stop telling them, “I’m just so busy!” because the truth is that it’s not a matter of busy-ness, but a matter of care. What you really mean is, I am having trouble caring for myself. Or, because of my schedule it’s difficult to care for my relationships. But I promise I will do better, because I need this too.

And that is how you stop the glorification of busy.


Buy a handcrafted linocut print for your home or a friend at The Smudgery

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