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I didn’t think I was going to dress up for Halloween this year. I had thrown around a few ideas and tried to convince J to go in on them with me, but no bite. I’ve also been feeling overwhelmed and overstretched recently, with midterms ending right before Halloween weekend, so I knew it would be tough to pull anything together. But a couple weeks before Halloween, I opened up my email to find this message:

Yaaaassssss, I whispered to myself.

A few emails back and forth and J was looking at sizing charts for dresses on Modcloth. I was throwing out ideas of how I could match. Steve? Will?

And then it came to me:


I found the perfect costume at Target. At just $15 it was sold out online and there was only one left in stock at the closest store. I nabbed it for store pick-up and giggled all the way home.

Over the next few weeks, J and I looked for different costume parts. We looked at wigs online, found the appropriate socks, and he learned to identify a peter pan collar. He refused to try everything on at once and also did not want to look in the mirror, which was endlessly frustrating for me because I’m a diva who wants to check everything out beforehand. He’s a diva in a different, more confounding way.


On Saturday night, before our friend’s Halloween party, we put the finishing touches on our costumes. I created a papercut Eggo waffle headpiece. J put on the wig he ordered and I trimmed it down to size.

When all was said and done, I can say with confidence that we slayed that night.

Unfortunately, only one or two people at the party had even seen Stranger Things and understood the connection, but that didn’t stop us from having killer costumes and dancing it out. On my way home, I even found my people.

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