Suddenly it’s late-October: A life update

Sorry for the silence, folks, but I guess the only thing certain in life is that I will never maintain a regular posting schedule. I promise I have more in my series on buying a house, but I’ve flown through my queued posts and now I am writing them as we go and it has been a slow progress.

I haven’t even written about the last two months.

My mom visited at the tail end of August, around the time the contractors started ripping up our kitchen. J and I did a partial move to the new place, putting in a bed and bringing some towels over so my mom and I could stay there while she was visiting.

Two days after she left, school started. J and I were still living in two places — going to the new apartment every day after work to clean up and check on the renovation progress and to paint and everything else we needed to do and then we’d walk home, maybe pick up food along the way, and sleep. And then we’d wake up again, go to work, go to class, go to apartment, go to other apartment, rinse, repeat. It was exhausting. On top of that, school! School has been wonderful but good lord there is a lot of reading. I have enjoyed every minute of my classes and I am so grateful to be in this program. but. But! I am exhausted.

The thing with the beginning of the school year is that work is also insane. Because I work at a school. So basically when September hit, my life snowballed. And then at the end of September, J and I finally moved into the new place and said goodbye to Elmhurst. Moving is a stressful and difficult thing unto itself, but let’s not dwell on that saga.

Five days after our move-in day, E & R came to stay with us because they were performing in New York. It was wonderful seeing them and showing them around, though I won’t lie I hardly saw them during the week because of our schedules. Also, I had my first paper due during their stay. My first paper! In like 4 years! (pssst I got 100% on it *happy dance*)

Two days after they left, my former college roommate moved in for a week. It was so nice being able to catch up. I felt like I hadn’t seen anyone in months, since mid-August really, so it was nice having folks stay with us. Also because I still just don’t have a lot of time to hang out with people so it’s helpful if they’re already in my home hah.

So that brings us to this week, which has been the first week that J and I have had the place to ourselves. I’ve had a hard time motivating myself to get any work done, but I think I’m still recovering from lack of sleep. My period just started, or as I learned to say recently, “it’s shark week.” Which means the week began with an affliction of insomnia, then extreme exhaustion. I had class on Monday and Tuesday after work, and organized a workshop for the student group that I co-advise on Tuesday. So I was running to check on that before and after class. Then I went home and tried to sleep but couldn’t really. I spent an hour just babbling to J as he tried to drift off. Anyway, life is confusing and exhausting but I don’t want to stop doing any of these things.

In one of my classes last week we had a guest speaker — a student who was a second year in the part-time school/full-time working professional program that I’m a part of. She said that one piece of advice that proved useful was to pick one non school-related thing and make sure you do that. Don’t let readings, or papers, or whatever get in the way of that one thing. That one thing will keep you sane.

I told myself that one thing will be blogging, but secretly I also want it to be hanging out with friends. And I want to keep advising these students. So despite the previous advice, I will probably keep trying to do everything until it runs me into the ground. I don’t know. Or I’ll learn to be a hermit because I’m starting to feel like maybe this life is not sustainable.

On that note, though, I’ve been trying to streamline some of my daily decision-making because I realized my mental energy is a limited resource. I was able to sign up for the employee meal plan through work, which gives me about two meals a week over the semester. I’ve been taking advantage of it on Tuesdays when I have an hour and 45 min break between work and class and occasionally when I haven’t brought lunch to work. This has been such a gift. Previously when I had to buy a meal at work I would spend a lot of time trying to figure out what I “felt like” eating. And then I would spend some time griping about how pricey it is for something I could basically make myself. Or is unhealthier than something I would have made. With the meal plan, each meal comes out to around $8 and the options are limited so I don’t waste time hemming and hawing through Yelp. Next up is streamlining my outfits so I don’t feel like such a slob when I’ve hit the snooze button too many times and have to scramble out of the door.

Anyway, life goes on. It’s been good and harried and I feel surrounded by people who love and support me. J has been making dinner a lot so I have hot meals to eat at home and bring to work, as well as picking up food when neither of us feel like cooking. The farmer’s market is every Sunday a block away from our apartment, so we’ve been dining on wonderfully fresh produce and the occasional mind-blowing chocolate croissant or apple cider donut. Our apartment is beautiful and peaceful and I am so happy just sitting in it and gazing around… pictures to come some day, I promise! My plants are somehow still alive even though I haven’t watered them in like two weeks.

So yeah, tips? Advice? Recipes for make-ahead bulk meals that you won’t get sick of? Give me all of them.

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