The Sangria-Off

The Sangria-Off

I take my birthdays pretty seriously. So seriously, they can actually be pretty stressful in the weeks leading up. I am always torn between wanting to surround myself with as many people who I love as possible, and wanting to spend meaningful time with each and every one of them. I have tried to solve this dilemma in the past by taking my birthday celebrations to the next level. A couple of years ago, I organized a linocut crafternoon, where everyone learned how to create  a linocut print. I gathered all of the materials, set up work stations, instructed everyone, and also put together an awesome taco bar (with immense help from J, of course). The next year I organized a ceramics painting crafternoon. Unfortunately, I was too wiped out afterwards to get around to writing a blog post…. But for that party I also purchased the supplies — Pebeo porcelain paints, a variety of ceramics, paintbrushes, etc. — and spent the afternoon painting with some of my best friends. J and I also perfected an incredible pork belly bao recipe, which we served in a massive, excellent make-your-own-bao bar. Add that to the list of belated blog posts…

This year, instead of a crafternoon, I decided to get people involved with a potluck of sorts. I put together a Sangria-off, where everyone was asked to bring a pitcher of homemade sangria to enter into a blind tasting competition. There were scorecards. There were awards. There was a homemade photo booth! And of course, there was a TON of food.

Twenty-five of some of my best friends packed into our small studio apartment. It was sweaty but the sangria flowed like water (nine pitchers!) and I had such a wonderful time.

I won’t lie, a lot of preparation went into this, with multiple grocery trips and a menu planned with the help of J (as well as a lot of the cooking and prep work). I designed the score cards and mini-awards, which I printed on 4×6 unlined index cards (see links at the bottom of the post). I also spent a few days making the paper flowers for the decor and photobooth backdrop. In the end, it was more than worth it! Fingers crossed I’ll get around to a DIY paper flower tutorial soon but until then you can check out my inspiration Pinterest board full of DIY instructions on how to make crepe and tissue paper flowers.

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Follow this link to download the Sangria-Off Scorecard (it should look like the image below). The file is a word document you can print 4 x 6 inch notecards.

To create your own Sangria-Off Awards and/or Superlatives, use this Printable Certificate of Achievement. I printed on blank 4 x 6 inch notecards.

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