Snow Day 2015!

New York City was hit with its first real snow of this season, causing general panic and, happily, a day off from work! Monday had started off particularly brutal. It marked the start of a full five-day week (last week we had Monday off for MLK day) as well as the first day of the Spring semester. The copy machine decided to throw tantrums all morning, clearly upset over the sudden increase in demand from faculty and students. I felt similarly, but did not have the liberty of refusing service and instead spent much of my day elbow-deep in the copy machine, prying bits of paper from its clutches while also juggling the onslaught of questions, demands, and general confusion that arise on the first day of school.

The window from my desk was a constant white sheet and occasionally I would take a break to gaze out and see how the snow was settling. By that afternoon we were told that the university would close at 4pm and before we left for the day, that it would remain closed on Tuesday. Hallelujah!

Most of the day had been snow flurries, the light powder settling and then blowing around in the wind. I decided to take my time and enjoy my walk home, as well as play around with the slow-motion setting on my iPhone. I wanted to capture the sense of zen I felt knowing that I could, if I wanted to, enjoy the snowstorm the next day from the comfort of my bed.

(excuse the clunkiness of this media player… try watching the video in full-screen!)

The East Village was a ghost town that night. My roommate and I, both home at 4:30pm, ordered Chinese food and picked it up before they closed for the night. By 7pm most of the subways had been shut down and at 11pm there was a city-wide ban on all non-emergency vehicles.

When I woke up the next morning, every business around me was closed and the only sound I could hear was the shoveling of snow and the occasional scraping as snowplows drove down the streets. While many people benefited with a day off, there are countless others who must literally weather the storm to keep this city functioning.

But me, I was able to enjoy the day at my own leisure. I went for a short walk, trouncing through the snow before running back inside when the wind picked up. My roommate and I took on one of the Yoga to the People podcasts (exhausting!) and then split up for a personal project day, checking in on each other and chatting while re-filling our mugs with tea. By evening, businesses were re-opening, people were passing judgment on whether Mayor DeBlasio did the right thing, and I was carving up a new linocut for The Smudgery.

For this California girl, snow days are still plenty special.

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