Will It Be Any Easier Tomorrow?

If funemployment is anything, it is a big, fat lesson in “the right thing is not always the easy thing to do.” Every day I struggle to wake up at a reasonable time. Okay, ‘struggle’ is an exaggeration. My mornings begin with my alarm clock ringing at 9 am, which I turn off and then judge how awake I feel. Recently, I’ve been feeling wonderfully awake. Even still, I look out the window and decide to enjoy the beautiful morning in bed. There is almost nothing more serene as laying in bed with a smile on your face while the sun beams in. Or if the weather outside is nasty, biting and cold, isn’t it wonderful to snuggle further into your cozy blankets?

Will It Be Any Easier Tomorrow? | The Amateur Everything

This indulgence generally pushes my rise-time back about an hour and a half (admittedly, sometimes two hours). Every morning, though, I know that the right thing to do would be to vault out of bed when my alarm rings and get my day started in a timely, energetic manner.

While I often placate my concerns with, “when you get a job, you will wish you slept in more during funemployment,” I cannot help but notice how this lethargy is beginning to permeate more and more of my day. I stroll through job applications, meander through interview prep, and often shirk much of my to-do list throughout the day, whispering tomorrow, tomorrow to myself with a mental pat on my head. As they say, tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week. But will the proverbial Tomorrow ever arrive if I don’t carpe diem today?

My dad always told me to reign in my procrastination, since you never know what fun and exciting things the future has in store, and the biggest waste of time would be to miss those for things you were supposed to have done yesterday. His words have bitten again today. I was supposed to spend yesterday preparing for tomorrow’s interview, but instead floated through Monday like it was a lazy river. Now, I have family visiting and instead of showing them around New York I have to lock myself in to prepare what I should already have completed.

Well, another lesson learned. Today I will be productive and hopefully that will clear the slate for a fresh start of day-seizing tomorrow.

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